Surveillance Film Festival in Wellington this Weekend

Join the Stop the Spies crew for some cinematic fun & a wee bit of paranoia under your skin!


Has the portrayal of surveillance in films caught up with us? Dystopian Big Brother films from the past show glimpses of a present reality. Spy films and the machinations of spy paraphernalia capture our imagination with fantastical technology. Stasi and Cold War intelligence policing methods shock and titillate people. But Edward Snowden’s revelations opened many eyes to the ubiquitous world of mass surveillance right here and now.

The Surveillance Film Festival is an opportunity to explore the portrayal of surveillance in films and documentaries and ponder the reality of surveillance in our lives today.

Come and enjoy some films and see where the discussion takes us.

Venue: Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba St, Wellington City

Friday 25th March

6:00 pm – Farenheit 451 (112mins) Then onwards for after-film discussion and drinks at the Southern Cross.

Saturday 26th March

11:00 am – The Program (8mins) and ABC Secret Room (9mins)
Nicky Hager will be present for a talk after these two short films

12:30 pm – Operation 8 (110mins)

3:00 pm – Every Step You Take (65mins)
followed by a chat with Kathleen Kuehn about the ubiquitousness of surveillance

5:30 pm – Maintenance of Silence (20mins)

7:00 pm – The Lives of Others (137mins)