Surveillance Film Festival Starts Today – Friday 25 March


The Surveillance Film Festival begins today with a screening of Farenheit 451.

Friday 25th March, –  6pm at Thistle Hall, upper Cuba StPoster

Ray Bradbury’s ‘Farenheit 451‘ is set in a society at war, a war that is easily ignored as only distance noise that always affects other people. Surveillance is total with people living only for the present. The majority of citizens are mindless drones living for instant gratification, they are plugged into ear buds or watching screens. News is controlled in censored second long bites, deep-thinking and analysis don’t happen. War economy rules. Sound sort of familiar?

We too live in a society where war is the norm and the majority of us too, can to easily ignore it. Instead we allow ourselves to be salved by technology and Facebook and Selfies and instant gratification on-line.

Our world is closely surveilled and we are too willing to be part of it.

Come and join Stop the Spies for some cinematic fun and a wee bit of paranoia under your skin – today at 6pm, Thistle Hall, Wellington.

Saturday’s schedule includes both Kathleen Kuehn and Nicky Hager joining us at different times to help discuss surveillance.

Saturday’s schedule is:
11:00 am – The Program (8mins) and ABC Secret Room (9mins) – Nicky Hager will be present for a talk after these two short films
12:30 pm – Operation 8 (110mins)
3:00 pm – Every Step You Take (65mins) – followed by a chat with Kathleen Kuehn about the ubiquitousness of surveillance
5:30 pm – Maintenance of Silence (20mins)
7:00 pm – The Lives of Others (137mins)

For brief blurbs about each film, visit OASIS